Pro velký zájem o tropické semínka doporučujeme si je zamluvit na jarní sezonu předem. Případně využíjte dárkových kupónů, které budou v dalším čase vyřizované přednostně. Děkujeme.



Our company wants to enjoy the beauty, joy and pleasure of the beauty of tropical flowers, their shapes, colors and fragrances as well as their friends in the EU. We know there are thousands and thousands of lovers in the EU of beautiful Clivia, Amarilis, Orchid, Succulents, Hibiscus, Datura, Fuchsia and many others. Therefore, as in the Czech Republic, we provide our clients in the EU with the same service - quality and range. Our goal is to have thousands of satisfied growers in the whole EU of beautiful tropical flowers, tropical vegetables and fruits and other of our amazing seeds.

There are certain limitations between us for the merchant trade in the state trading system. For that :

Orders will be sent to the EU by direct mail to the client after payment of the advance payment in full to our account.

Ordering for a client in the EU is very simple:

An order :

1.) Choose from our current offer what you are interested in and what you want to buy.

2.) Insert the selected seeds into the basket and fill in all the required nationals. Full name, address, email, phone. contact.

3.) The system generates automatically mail with a summary of all data. It will be sent to the email you provided in your order.

Payment in advance:

The next step is making a payment. The payment can be made via an internet bank transfer from which any Slovak bank and therefore any Slovak bank account.

4.) Our prices are quoted in CZK. Therefore, you will find an amount in EUR for payment. Procedure: For the total order of all the seeds, you will be divided by the fixed exchange rate CZK / Eur = 26.00. The resulting amount is the price of the seeds in Euro. Add 6 euros for this price for special packaging and postage. Pay the resulting amount to our account under V.S. (Variable symbol) your order number.

Example: You have ordered 2 different mixes of orchids or 40 different types of orchids for 25 seeds. The price is 2x590 CZK. Overall, therefore, CZK 1,180. The price in EUR is determined by dividing 1.180: 26 = 45.38 So 45.38 Euro is the price of your selected seeds. Add 10 Eur for postage and packing, ie 55.38 Eur. And that is the amount you will pay to our account. Upon receipt, the payment is repaid from your order, and the mail is sent to you by post to your address.

5.) Transferring the payment from your state abroad to the Czech Republic. You can transfer funds to your bank branch. But much easier to do at home via the internet.

- Open your bank account online.

- Choose: Make a payment. Further specify: Foreign payment.

- Enter the total amount in EUR.

- Enter the recipient: Ludmila Navrátilová

- Enter a variable symbol: the number of your order you received by mail

- Enter IBAN: CZ0220100000002001054763


- You can also give us a short link. We recommend your name and email contact.

- Confirm your payment and submit

6.) Send us an email about payment details so we can identify your payment as soon as possible.

7.) We will then contact you and inform you about the sending of your order.

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